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Personal Injury Keywords Associated With Your Compensation Case

Personal injury attorneys like to use simple language when communicating to their clients. Therefore, determine that a lawyer you’re interviewing to represent you in a compensation case speaks to you in very clear terms. You need assurances that all your concerns regarding “what next” will attract clear lawyer responses.

Legal Responsibility

When it comes to a personal injury situation, fault may lead to liability. But there are cases where the liable party may not necessarily be at fault, such as an employer when their employee suffers on-the-job injury. Fault or no fault, liability means legal responsibility for the settlement the injured person is seeking. It’s possible for personal injury liability to be shared among multiple parties, including the claimant. Generally speaking, the liable party must be identified so you can file your claims.

Contingency Charges

“Contingency fees” is a phrase you’ll hear when you ask your personal injury lawyer about how much they’re charging. With the contingency pricing model, an injured claimant seeking legal remedy may get represented by an attorney especially when they lack the financial muscle to pay them at the outset of the case. As the claimant, you need not pay your attorney upfront; rather, you agree to pay them a proportion of the compensation you’ll get after your case victory. Never forget to confirm that your lawyer expects you to pay them under this sort of arrangement.

What are Damages?

Damages are important to a personal injury case as is liability. Damages are expressed in financial terms, and they mean the amount of suffering incurred by the plaintiff. Thus, when your attorney talks about the damages you’re pursuing, they actually mean the amount money you’re asking to be paid. Yet, damages have ties to a certain kind of loss or injury related to the defendant’s legal responsibility.

Generally, damages that the claimant may receive fall into three categories: measurable, non-measurable, and punitive. A victim receives punitive damages as a way to discourage the defendant from committing similar gross misconduct in future. Non-quantifiable damages are the injury effects that are hard to put on a number on in defining their magnitude. Perfect examples are physical and psychological anguish and inability to form relationships.

However, quantifiable damages are easy to work out and define their enormity. They normally account for the largest part of the settlement money you’ll get. They include medical bills for today and later on after discharge, provided you’re being treated for effects of the same injury. If you lost wages over treatment, or you’re later unable to go to work and earn, those damages are similarly easy to quantify.

Retain a personal injury attorney that’s clear in their vocabulary to help you make informed choices going forward.

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