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Guidelines for Sending Corporate Holiday Greeting Cards Sending corporate holiday cards to your current and prospective customers, business associates, employees, and suppliers is a great way to market your brand. Nowadays, many organizations use this strategy to attract and retain their customers while spreading the holiday cheer. With holiday cards, you can say happy holidays to the most important people in your organization while thanking them for their efforts. It is crucial to note that not all holiday cards have a message that will portray a positive image for your firm and it is, therefore, necessary that they are carefully selected. When purchasing your company holiday card, be sure to buy it from a vendor who specializes in supplying holiday cards for businesses. The supplier will provide you with great discount and you carefully select the cards that suits your brand from the various options. Most stores have holiday cards that contain personal messages that are not appropriate for a company to send to its customers or business associates. Instead of a holiday card, you can decide to use a calendar to get your message across. The calendar should be fun and attractive to the eye, for example, you can use different designs and themes for each month of the year.
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Use little pieces of art that are appealing to ensure that the calendar is retained even after the holidays are over. Put the company’s logo in a visible place on the card but the wordings should not be too large. Place a personal message on each card to bring warmth and high-energy to the hearts of your employees, clients as well as business partners.
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Another thing to consider when sending business holiday cards is the quality and design of the card to send a positive image. Invest well on the design of the card and ensure that the cards stock used is correct. Another choice you can make is to personalize the holiday greeting cards to help spread the warmth and holiday cheer. If you want custom holiday cards, ensure that the corporation’s name and logo appear on the card and the mailing envelope. If the list of cards is not much, take a chance to personalize each card with your signature. However , if there are a lot of cards, you can still add a personal touch by including a digital image of your signature. It is important to remember not to be holiday specific because not all of your customers or employees celebrate the same holiday. Alternatively, you can include a message showing that the card is not tradition or religion-themed. A card that has a general happy theme will have great impact than a humorous card. Lastly, make sure that the card reaches the respective individuals at the stipulated time of the holidays.