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Orthopedic Shoe Inserts

It is our feet that carries the whole weight of our body. Matter of fact, our feet are the foundation of our body. When our feet are not properly aligned with the other joints and limbs of our lower extremities, it will cause a negative effect on the other areas of our body. It is very common for people who suffer from foot pain to experience uneasiness starting from the ankles to the knees, legs and even to the lower back of the body. Our medical doctors have been prescribing shoe inserts as an effective treatment to several kinds of foot problems.

If this defect is not cured, this can lead to more serious ailments such as Plantar Fascitis, Ball of Foot Pain, Achilles Tendonitis, metatarsalgia and even Morton’s Neuroma. Orthopedic shoe inserts are devices which are placed on the inside of your shoe and their aim is to move the foot to its neutral position, thereby restoring normal foot function. This facility is effective because it helps distribute the weight of the body equally across the foot. This would eventually provide relief by taking the pressure off the spots where people tend to experience most pain, at the ball of the foot, heel, bunions and corns.

Over-pronation of the feet is the main reason people experience foot problems. If the feet is over-pronated, the tendency of the lower leg is to rotate inwards and causing the pelvis to tilt forward. This causes a lot of strain in the knees, at the lower back and also in the legs.

The ordinary shoe insoles are very different from the orthopaedic shoe inserts. Regular shoe insoles are mostly meant to provide shock absorption and cushioning for the foot. In other words, they are not used to address any of the biomechanical issues that cause one to experience foot problems.

Orthopedic shoe inserts are made exclusively for functional purposes of the feet. They correct biomechanical function of feet.They cure the biomechanical defects of the feet. While some manufacturers produce regular shoe insoles that provide arch support, they are mostly insufficient as they are most often made from soft materials.

Many people have questioned the effectiveness of orthopedic shoe inserts as a means of correcting foot function. Studies have shown and proven the effectiveness of these orthopaedic shoe inserts because of the above 50 percentage in the improvements shown in the patients in terms of pain alleviation in their ankles, feet and knees after the use of these shoe inserts.

These orthopedis shoe inserts are mostly not expensive. Therefore buying a pair of these orthopaedic shoe inserts is a very worthy investment.

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