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There Are Comfortable shoes Online and In Select Shops

When women are tired of suffering in pretty but uncomfortable shoes, there are alternatives. Why not shop for high-quality shoes that look good and are comfortable. A wider toe area and lower heels with plenty of arch support is the key to attractive comfort. Spend a little more for a shoe that is attractive, comfortable and healthy to wear. Not everyone does well with spike heels and pointy toes in shoes. And, not everyone wants achy legs and painful feet at the end of the day.

Shoes For Work and Play

When a person works hard all day, often on their feet, they need comfort and support. Comfortable, supportive shoes do not need to look unattractive. Good design and craftsmanship will produce a shoe that is good for the wearer and is good looking. Shoe companies such as Alegra Shoes have put a lot of thought and expertise into developing and manufacturing women’s shoes that look good and are healthy to wear. These shoes are available online or in fine shoe stores.

The cost may be higher than lesser quality shoes but the cost is worth it. The prices seem to range from $69.00+ to #119.00+. This is in line with other high quality shows available today. But, these shoes are well-made to last longer and are very comfortable to wear to work or out to play. Once a woman gives up the idea of needing to wear spike heels with pointy toes, her feet will thank her.

Healthy Shoes

These shoes are built with comfort and support in mind. They start with great out-soles designed to fit. The soles are designed to be sure-footed. Next, a patented design leather insole is added. This is removable and replaceable. This feature may extend the life of a favorite pair of shoes. This footbed is constructed with layers of cork, memory foam and leather and fits into the honeycombed sole for perfect support.

But shoes consist of more than the sole. The roomy toe box with Alegra shoes gives toes room for comfort. The whole upper shoe is designed to let feet breath and be supported. There are styles for work and for exercise and play. Every occasion has a shoe designed to wear for it. There are styles for Nurses, athletes, there are Mary Janes, there are boots, and there are heels and wedge designs. Look for more information on the website.