All About Wedding Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked when discussing wedding decor. This is unfortunate because lighting can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your wedding for a relatively small investment. The proper lighting can transform an ordinary room into a stunning work of art. In addition to transforming the room, different types and colors of lighting can create different atmospheres and moods throughout the course of the evening.

The first step in lighting for a wedding is to turn off any fluorescent lighting in the room; you are at a wedding, not in an office building! After the fluorescents are gone it is time to create your elegant lighting design using gobos, uplights, pin spots and intelligent lighting.


When using lighting as part of your wedding decor the first element you should consider is having your name in lights. Having your wedding monogram or names projected onto the dance floor or a backdrop has the biggest “wow” effect for the least expense. It is a very chic and glamorous decoration that will amaze your guests as they first walk into the room and it makes for great pictures.

This is done through the use of a specialized lighting fixture and a gobo. A gobo is a special metal or glass disc that goes into the light fixture to produce the desired pattern wherever the light is projected. Gobos come in pre-made patterns or you can have one custom made for you with whatever artwork you would like. In addition to having your names projected gobos can be used to project patterns corresponding to your wedding theme onto the dance floor or the walls. Read more about gobos for your wedding here.


The second element in wedding lighting is usually uplighting. Uplighting consists of placing lighting fixtures around the perimeter of the room pointing up onto the walls or other architectural fixtures. The uplights create columns of light going up the wall and bathe the room in a beautiful glow. The uplights are color coordinated with your wedding color scheme to tie everything together. The amount of uplights required depends on the size of the room and the desired effect.

There are two major categories of uplighting fixtures; Conventional par cans and LED. LED uplights are the newest technology and offer several advantages over traditional conventional fixtures.

LED fixtures consume far less power than the old-fashioned par cans. Many times all of the uplights can be run off of a single electrical outlet which is very important in venues with limited power supply. Traditional uplighting fixtures can become hot and pose a risk to small children who like to touch the lights. LED lights remain cool to the touch throughout the entire event. LED lighting is often “intelligent” which means it can be programmed to produce millions of colors from a single unit and can be controlled to vary color, intensity, speed of color fade, etc throughout the course of the night to create different moods. This can create some truly dramatic effects as the walls of your venue change from one color to another as cocktails end and dinner begins and then again when the dancing starts. The downside to LED lighting is that it is often more expensive to rent as the lighting fixtures cost substantially more than traditional ones. Another drawback is that LED fixtures have trouble producing some colors well.

The two biggest factors in determining which type of uplighting is right for you are; which colors are you using and how much power is available at your venue. Contact a lighting expert and give them an idea of what you are looking for and they will be able to tell you which type of lighting would work best for you.

Color Wash

Another popular effect is to use a pattern gobo on the dance floor and wash the dance floor in coordinating color. A wash is a lighting term that means to fill an area with light. Washing your dance floor will make it really stand out and a focal point of the celebration. You may also wash walls, ceilings, entryways or any areas you want to highlight.

Pin Spots

If you have elaborate floral arrangements or centerpieces on the tables, pin spotting is usually a great idea. Pin spotting is where light fixtures are put up throughout the room to provide “mini spotlights” for the centerpieces. Pin spotting is a very dramatic effect and will really accentuate your centerpieces and show them in their full magnificence. Your florist will love it and it makes for great pictures!

Intelligent Lighting

If you are planning for a wild party later on in the evening and want more of a contemporary edge to your wedding you should consider intelligent dance floor lighting.

Many DJ companies carry intelligent lighting but the quality varies greatly so you should always ask to see at least a video of their lighting system in action. Intelligent lighting is a step above your normal DJ lighting. The light fixtures can be programmed either by a special controller or using computer software. The functionality and abilities of intelligent lighting go far beyond that of ordinary lighting and are only limited by the users imagination. With the use of the controller the lighting designer can control the patterns, speed, color and many other functions of the light fixtures. In addition, they are often brighter and have more vivid color and more color combinations than ordinary lighting. Intelligent lighting is the type of lighting you would see at nightclubs and concerts. These lights can add a lot of energy and a real “wow factor” to your event.

There are a wide variety of other lighting options available to make your wedding truly stunning and unique. For more information contact the Chicago wedding lighting professionals at MDM Special Event Lighting.

Lights, Camera, Wedding! – Get the Most For Your Dollar Using a Party Rental Store

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Lighting can be from candles, or special spot lighting to highlight parts of the ceremony. Lights can be used to highlight things such as wedding cake, fountains or a special arrangement. No matter how they are used, wedding lights definitely add to the softness and beauty of the setting. Lights are also just as important for the reception as the wedding for completing the setting.

The right source of lighting can add a fantasy feel to a wedding. With weddings and receptions giving the couple and the guest something special to remember about the wedding is important to mark that special day. The use of candles gives a surreal feel and a sense of romance. That is because candles and the proper lighting takes off the harshness that bright lights tend to give. Lighting needs can easily be met by using party rental services. These services can provide multiple types of candelabras, candle holders, special lighting that is used for accent and focus on the bride and groom or used to accent special decorations.

Proper lighting is a must for those beautiful wedding photographs that every couple is sure to want. Putting the right lighting and decorations for the backdrop for photographs can give the couple something that will always bring back those very special memories. Lights add just the right amount to soften the photographs where harsh lighting can detract from the beauty of the moment. Talk with the photographer prior to the wedding to find out what special lighting would be best to use for photography.

Lighting can be used to light the way to the reception as well as during the reception for safety and fun. Give the wedding a special feeling by using a ball that spins and gives off subtle lighting changes while dancing is something that everyone would enjoy. This also would help with making the first dance extra special between the new husband and wife. Continue the candles on tables and out of the way places will continue the romantic atmosphere.

Party rentals can help couples to decide what would be the correct lighting for the theme that they want for their reception. The cost of using party rentals for lighting is affordable especially when compared to having a wedding planner that will more than likely use the same services. When considering party rentals for all the wedding and reception needs always ask about specials or package deals. These deals can help to save on the cost.

Weddings are very special events that should be showcased and the proper lighting is a large part of what makes it happen. By using party rentals couples can have great weddings in the style and theme they want without the cost of hiring wedding planner companies or multiple people to provide that special touch. Receptions are a continuation of the wedding and also deserve the proper lighting to make them a special and memorable event.

Wedding Lighting

A wedding is a special occasion in anybody’s life. It is up to you to make the best of it. You can make the best out of your wedding by including your own creative ideas in lighting, gifting, dressing, and any other related activities. Wedding lighting is one thing where you can pay more attention. A whole space or a wedding venue can look magical with the right lighting. You can transform the ambience by adding candles, lanterns, colored lights or colored bulbs; all this adds warmth to the ambience.

Hire a professional

It is better to take the help of a lighting designer. A professional will first check the venue and suggest d├ęcor ideas that are in sync with the space and the rest of your wedding designs. Your designer will ensure you have a plan and that it includes programs to transition moods over the course of the evening seamlessly. The designer will also work in tandem with others like your florist, photographer to set the best lighting. You can also suggest your own ideas to the designer and see if they can be implemented.

Use combination treatments

Adhering to a single treatment may not be a good idea. Using combination treatments is better. Decide what kind of light you want to light up the venue. Do you want to use pin spot lighting, wherein a single beam of light focuses on an object or a centerpiece. Do you want to use gobos? Gobos are circular stencils used to project a design in light. Do you prefer LED lights as they don’t consume much electricity? You also need to consider other factors like accessories. Do you want candles? Where and how should you place them?

Play with color

Color is necessary to make an ambience look awesome. Everybody looks good in soft rose light. Similarly other shades like amber and magenta flatter most skin tones. Avoid green as it will not suit anybody’s skin tone. So you use all colors except green.

Include the exterior part of your venue

Does your wedding venue have a courtyard where guests will be walking around? Look around the venue and see what needs to be adorned. Can you hang lights on a winding tree? Can you decorate stairs with streamers? For open spaces, you can use lanterns, glass orbs filled with candles or globe lights. The trick is to make your space look visually appealing without going overboard. It is a good idea to make your venue as cozy as possible so that your guests feel at home even after dark.