Wedding Lighting Solutions


You planned the big day with your wedding planner. Together you have tasted the food, hired the wedding entertainment, and visited the location. Perfect, what’s next? Did you know that lighting design is one of the most cost effect ways to accent your important elements? Picture a room that matches with your favorite color, or even the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses. Lighting can match with over 1,000,000 colors. You can dance inside a personalized name monogram, have dramatic color washes on your ceiling, or pin spot your center pieces. Most couples do not know about the benefits of lightning design when structuring their reception budget. This service can only be provided at a reasonable price by a handful of reputable vendors.

You might not prefer a light show at your wedding, which is perfectly normal. It wouldn’t be appropriate for your room to change color every two seconds. That is why most professionals recommend a choice of static colors and patterns. For example, you can even choose break up patterns. These are images like tree branches or wispy designs that make for an elegant backdrop in your photos. You have the choice of a primary and secondary color to highlight. Your guests will remember your wedding day. Most importantly, you will say “wow” when you see your room for the first time.


Lighting companies need a sample color swatch to match. When deciding on which color scheme to choose, your options will depend on which company you select. A capable lighting designer will be able to accommodate any colors at any moment during your reception. Reputable event groups use light emitting diode (LED) technology which allows for computerized control. These fixtures are more expensive than traditional gel pars, but they are worth it. Your lighting can change colors as the mood of your evening progresses. Since LED fixtures utilize low power consumption, they are also great for the environment.


You should be able to openly discuss how your want to light up your event. It is important to take the vendor’s recommendations seriously. When you communicate your expectations, they can deliver based on their limitations. Not every venue has the same architectural layout. Some halls have vaulted ceilings, while other have dark wood paneling. These and many other factors will greatly impact the approach your lighting designer takes. There are several kinds of fixtures that accomplish different things. PARs are used for longer concentrated throws, pallets have a wider beam angel, and strips fit somewhere in the middle. If your walls are a darker wood, then pipe and drape with strips might be your only option. Pallets and soft edge intelligent lights help with evenly distributing color saturation across vaulted ceilings. If you are lighting up trees and buildings outside, then IP65 rated PARs will be used to handle the elements. Depending on your budget, you should be provided with a personalized quote. Since lighting quotes are flexible, it is really easy to go up or down from there.


Personalize your grand entrance with a high intensity follow spot. This light has a computerized focused iris that can follow your bridal party all the way back to the head table. Spot lighting during your grand entrance really kicks up the wow factor. How will you put emphasis on your first dance? This formal dance has deep significance and it deserves special attention. Do you want that beautiful cake to shine in bright white? Light it up with a spotlight. If you have reflective crystals or flower petals on the cake, then guests will really take notice.


These lights are made specifically for the guests of honor. You choose several designs and pick the one that you like the best. A custom gobo will then be made to display your name during the reception. You have the choice of having your name monogram projected on the wall or dance floor. How cool would it be to dance inside your name? Name lights give a very personalized feel to your event and they are also very affordable. Since the gobo is custom fabricated out of steel, you can even take it home at the end of the night as a personal memento.


Your spent time and money on your center pieces, how will you ensure guests really take notice of your hard work? Make your center pieces seem larger than life with table pin spotting. These fixtures are small and hidden along the edges of walls. A circular beam is aimed at the center of your tables from above, making your centerpieces come alive. Just like a custom name light, table pin spotting can easily be worked into any room lighting package.


Lighting design will have a huge impact on the outcome to your wedding reception. Your guests will give you tons of compliments and you will be happy with your decision. Lighting solutions give you the biggest bang for your buck, so it is money well spent. There are only a few reputable vendors that offer lighting service. So you should view sample work from previous events before signing a contract with a company. When talking to a lighting artist realize that their price is based off of two main factors a technician fee and fixture fee. You need to ask what is included in the final price, since it might not reflect travel expenses or design costs. If you’ve seen lighting at a wedding reception, you will realize it is a no-brainer.

How to Properly Integrate Wedding Lights Into That Special Event

On the big day, it seems that everything needs to be perfect. The littlest thing wrong with a wedding day can throw the bride, or even the groom, for a loop because they have waited so long for this day to arrive. Wedding lights are a key to making that day very special, and the use of fairy lights are very popular in these situations to add a classic appeal to the entire affair. The lights used at weddings are often similar to Christmas tree lights, and there really is not much difference between their appearance and how they are used. When the flowers are ready, the guests have arrived, and you are about to walk down the isle, the setting needs to be perfect so that it will be a positive memory in your mind for the rest of your life. The lights can add a sparkle and ambiance that cannot be achieved by flowers or other backdrop accessories. Any kind of atmosphere can be created by wedding backdrop specialists, and you can even add your own unique touch if needed to make that day exactly how you always wanted it to be. Sophistication and luxury are key to most weddings, and the perfect lighting can sometimes be the key to making your wedding the definition of class.

No part goes unnoticed during a wedding, and everything will be looked at and gazed upon for hours by the guests before the festivities actually begin. Even the napkin holders need to be perfect on wedding day because no one ever wants to say their wedding could have been better. Any wrong touch or addition to the backdrop can jeopardize the entirety of the wedding day. The backdrop of the wedding is the focal point for the big event because that is what will be behind the bride and groom as they say, I do. It needs to be able to perfectly captivate the moment and let it live that way forever through pictures and videos. The atmosphere of the wedding is personified by the backdrop and everything else is really just an accessory. Backdrops with lighting in them are able to create a superb looking wedding that add the perfect amount of elegance with the simplest of touches. By using fairy lights combined with reefs and other flower arrangements, the perfect backdrop can be created for the bride and groom to kiss.

The lights that are added to the backdrop can be used to set what type of mood the wedding will have. A great choice to go with in this situation is to bring down the house lights at the wedding and allow the backdrop lighting to put somewhat of a spotlight on the proceedings main event. The lighting can control the mood of the wedding, so after the deep, romantic moment of the actual ceremony is over, brighter and more colorful lighting can be used at the reception. This is a route that has been taken many times at many weddings over the years, and has been proven to create the right moods for each part of the day. There does not need to be any worries about what specific ways the lighting should be used in the backdrop because each wedding needs to have its own unique flavour. With a lighting design coming from the bride or groom, the atmosphere will be sure to be a unique one for everyone involved.

Fairy lights or Christmas tree lights are the best way to set the mood at any wedding. By decorating the entire area, the house lights can be dimmed down to create a deeply romantic mood that will make a wedding be one that will be remembered forever. Wedding lights are a main key to the success of the ceremony and reception, but as long as the lighting it set up the way the bride and groom want it, it will be sure to have a positive effect on their entire day. In fact, it will have a positive impact on the rest of their lives as they look back and remember that day for years to come.

Tips For Stunning Wedding Lighting

Planning a wedding is hard work. It takes a lot of coordination to get everything just right. There are many aspects that wedding planner must consider. One of the most important aspects of the wedding is the lighting. Wedding planners may be tempted to leave lighting as one of the last things to worry about. However, your lighting options have a huge effect on the overall feel of the wedding space. The right lighting can take your wedding from ordinary to stunning. Listed below are a few wedding lighting tips.

If done right, lighting can make everything look better. You may want to consider hiring a lighting specialist for the occasion. But if that’s not in the budget, there are a few things a planner can do to make the lighting fabulous. First, make sure to look at your wedding space beforehand to get an idea of what you have to work with. You want your lighting to focus on the tables, dance floor, and the bride and groom. If you’re lighting for an outdoor wedding, there are many options you can use. You can try unconventional methods to light up your pathway and event tents. Tent lighting can be especially effective. Ornate chandeliers, glowing orbs, or paper lanterns can create a very dramatic statement depending on the look you’re going for. Also, don’t be afraid to use colored lights. Use colors that compliments skin tones. Lights in centerpieces can also add a dramatic splash of vibrancy. Use your lighting to highlight and complement.