Garden Wedding Lights

The bride and groom are always looking to enhance the garden wedding. As the light of the day starts to dissipate, the candles and lanterns enhance the romance on garden wedding. The candles and lanterns create the magical feel of any pond, stairway, pathway, and entrance of any garden wedding. There are a number of light ideas to enhance the magic of garden wedding.

Bali Flags

The color of Bali flags moves with the wind. It creates the movement of color which adds life to the garden wedding. The light at the bottom shoots up to uncover the amazing movement and color. It is like the flags come to dance all night.

Fairy Lights

The frangipani fairy lights are always romantic and magical at night. Frangipani is a five petal flower that is local on tropical and subtropical countries. The flowers are native on Mexico, Central America, and Venezuela. The color of the flower ranges from yellow to pink. The frangipani fairy lights spectacularly decorate the wedding centerpiece which is usually the wedding cakes.

Star fairy lights add sparkle on the garden wedding, while the heart fairy lights add romance on the garden wedding. The wedding will be fun-filled night to remember.

Floating garden lights

The candle in a floating water lily brightens the night. Any pond or lake in a garden will illuminate the romance. It is a spectacular way to bring life to the garden pond. Any pond in the garden will come alive for the wedding.

Many lanterns can float on river, pond, or lake. In river, the lantern wonderfully follows the path of the river. In pond or lake, the lanterns are creatively place for a romantic backdrop on garden wedding.

Oriental Lanterns

The Chinese lanterns enhance the oriental theme on garden wedding. It is like the garden travels on a different country. The lanterns are available in a variety of colors. And, the lanterns are available in ball, square, and tube shape. Mix and match to show creativity.

The metal tea lanterns are perfect to hang on decks and trees. Mix the height of the lanterns under the trees. The lights will take your breath away.

The tassels on lanterns add the special touch to enhance the garden wedding. The tassel lanterns sway with the wind to create a wonderful movement of lights and colors.