The Use of Electrical Lights in Place of Candles in Wedding Lighting Is Considered a Safe Option

The various decorations and lighting done during a wedding is the most beautiful aspects of the event. Since every couple wants their wedding to be different and special so that the rest of their married life is spent happily, it is important to have a very happy beginning and the perfect decorations and the best kind of wedding lights will be able to give this special occasion the perfect star that it deserves. Lights are often discarded during the decoration of the wedding venue but, it should always be remembered that the use of proper lights can be used to give the event a more romantic feel. Hence, when it comes to making the decisions for the right kinds of lightings to use during the occasion, there is a need of careful planning. Most lights can be used in ways more than one and hence can be used to create many innovative designs and themes for the event. For example, LED battery lights have a power source in the battery attached to them and therefore can be used in any form and place as chosen. So they can be used to create any unique design for the decoration of the wedding venue.

It is very important to keep in mind that the decorations and the lighting of the entire event is done in such a manner that the primary reason behind the presence of these lights are not overlooked. These lights are primarily used to provide illumination to the various areas of the venue and hence, the choice of the type of wedding lighting should be made in such a manner that this purpose is well served. The various lights used for the decoration of the venue should be chosen in such a manner so that it is able to provide illumination for the entire event while, at the same time, make the venue appear much more attractive and beautiful. The use of candles for the lighting of the venue is a very innovative alternative and it often gives the venue a more romantic atmosphere. But, the risk that is accompanied by the use of candles cannot be totally ignored. It is often considered dangerous because a small mishap could quite possibly end up as a very big disaster.

The use of candles could light up the entire area with flames if there is even a minor accident and something flammable in the venue catches fire. There are lots of flammable articles used in the decoration of the venue and these items always have the risk of catching fire even if there is a small mistake. Therefore, electrical lighting is preferred more over candles for the purpose of wedding lighting. The use of electrical lighting in place of candles has its benefits and also provides a safer option to the venue.

Considerations For Wedding Lighting Design

Wedding Decorations – Need-to-Know Tips For Wedding Lighting

Your wedding day marks the beginning of one of the most important journeys you will ever take in your lifetime. It takes a great deal of thought and effort to create the perfect day to start it off right. The number of details that require attention can be overwhelming, but with a little guidance from the experts that make it their business to create the ambience for such a special occasion you can get it all done with ease.

One of your top priorities of course is your wedding decorations. Wedding lighting is essential in the message of the day. It represents the brilliance and joy of the future that waits for you, your life partner and family. The following tips will help you set up our wedding lighting correctly and avoid any unexpected surprises.

  1. Find your power source. Does each source/outlet have anything else pulling power from it or is the outlet a dedicated line? (There is nothing else on the electrical line going back to the breaker.)
  2. Find out how much AMPS are available in the breakers.
  3. Calculate the amount of AMPS your desired lighting might need. AMPS = total watts per application ÷ voltage (120).
  4. Know the watts the lights use. (Mini-lights use ½ watt per bulb, rope lighting is 5 watts per foot & decorative light bulbs are usually 5 to 10 watts per bulb.) Example: 100 light curtain light = 100 x .5 watts = 50 watts per curtain x # of curtains (10) = 500 total watts ÷ 120 volts = 4.17 AMPS.
  5. Once you know the AMPS per application (Ex. Curtain lighting behind wedding table) then use power cord sized to fulfill your need. An 18-2 white lamp cord wire is rated for 7 amps. Try not to have big, ugly extension cords that are not need for the amount of AMPS being used.
  6. If a light strand says you can connect 3 sets, don’t try to use more. You will blow the fuse in the first set of lights.
  7. Do not use any material in front of lighting that is not flame retardant.
  8. Use appropriate colored light cords per application. White corded lighting for pillars, backdrops or ceilings, green or brown corded lights for trees or shrubs.
  9. Keep extension cords and lighting out of harm’s way. Try to find a path from your lights back to the power source that would have little or no traffic pattern. Follow wall lines or go along ceilings and drop down.
  10. Battery powered LED lights are great for use on tables. They can be used in floral arrangements or in simulated candles.