Why Do I Need Lighting at My Wedding?

This is the common question among brides looking at their budgets and comparing it to the picture they clipped from a magazine the day before. A wedding is a complex event of organized desires and wants. It is a compilation of emotions, desires and hopes of a dream that one has in the mind. Catered food, imported flowers, specially designed colors; all of this combined creates the day we call the wedding. But where does the lighting come in? The common misconception is the look translated in the picture. Lighting is the very essence of mood. Colors and intensities, placement and texture; this is what makes amazing events memorable; this is what you see in the picture!

If you want to set a mood, if you want to create an atmosphere that your guests will remember, lighting is a must! This is usually very affordable in the grand picture of the wedding budget. A good lighting package generally costs about 7% of the overall budget. When this amount is planned for, it is not a shock. I encourage all of my clients to start by setting aside their lighting budget. Every element of the wedding is important, but a flower without lighting is an expensive shadow, and a cake in a dark corner smells great, but no one knows it’s there! Take time to look through your mind’s eye and ask yourself these questions:

* Do I want to set a mood at my wedding reception?

* Do I want to create a memory that no one will forget?

* Am I willing to adjust other budgeted items to make room for lighting?

Once you define what you want to accomplish in your reception look, we can help you envision just where lighting fits in your wedding reception!

Take a look at our Wedding Lighting Portfolio to see how lighting can transform your wedding.

Until next time, Keep it Light!